“The way it was is still the way it is here”

This is not a factory. This is a practice personalized by design. No physician assistant to see you, no nurse to shuffle you from one waiting room to another. Dr. Goldman embraces the truly personal approach to medicine, and he is the one who’ll greet you, talk to you, examine and spend time with you. And should you have an emergency that lands you in the hospital, he goes “wherever that patient needs me.” It is medicine the way it used to be done. The way it should still be done.

The respect for the patient begins with your appointment time, where your time is valued. “I don’t make patients wait,” says Dr. Goldman, “There’s no reason for a patient to wait 5 or 6 hours to see a doctor. Their appointment time is their time, and it’s respected.”

And Dr. Goldman has staffed his office with people who are just as dedicated to providing you with the best service to ensure you get personalized, detailed attention that meets your needs.


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